Our brand is being built on practicality and cultural inclusion, along with product uniqueness for you our client and extended family. Every person that buys our product is not just buying a product, they are preserving a little bit of culture each time. Whether it be an item made in Madagascar, Ethiopia, Pakistan, or India or any other place, we are providing you insight and access to a world that you may not have known existed. We bring you awareness!

In 2018 we embark on something of a multinational trip of sorts that will showcase women and men at various locations striving to make their communities better, by being the beacon that calls attention to their needs and social values, not to be judged but to make you understand them, in their part of the world and to strengthen the weak and to break down barriers that prevent economic and education growth and access. We search for those willing to stand up for and by those who don't have the fortitude, strength or courage to do so alone, we search for champions that fight for the greater good and have the highest moral conviction to do what is right for all women and men regardless of religion, economic status, sexual or political orientation. They champion humans for a greater more inclusive humanity.


Our first steps over the past year have been incremental yet purpose filled as we sort and communicate with various entities and individuals around the world, and in doing so expands our knowledge, our friendships, our global reach, our cultural diversity and our mission. Each contact is a handshake, even if it is a digital one! There are 195 countries at the date of this writing and it is, and continues to be our goal to have at least one handmade craft from each as we seek to provide a window into the world that to many, seem so different so diverse and even strange. We want to show you commonality, art, and beauty!

We planted a seed that has grown into something that we could never have imagined because this truly wasn't the goal, this however as turnout, has been the evolution of a simple idea into one that is greater and far more inclusive and far more ambitious that in a way, can't fail! Why because the goal is to have met someone and communicated this idea to every country around the world, and to have done this at any point on this journey is fantastic.

Join us and put your art and culture into our window to the world! I promise you it will be worth it, and  the earth and people and places that you have never met or seen will thank you, will applaud you as our cooperative gives rise to a different idea of individual product creation, that creates less waste, creates more life-changing, creates more jobs, and give you insight into other culture and creativity for yourself in a way that curves unnecessary creation because for once you can truly be satisfied.

We don't make bags, we make snowflakes! Each of you is different and your bag, your expression should be possible too! 

Hi, my name is Chris, and I'm very pleased to meet you!