By now you probably get the idea that my ideas are fairly lofty, not impossible, but boy am I reaching! Since returning to the USA in 2016, I've been in shock mostly, by the fact that it takes so much to get recognition for doing the right thing, the human thing, the simple things that go overlooked and I decided, to set up my own and I call it Put the "HER IN HERO" AND put the "HE in HERO" AND BE SUPER! This idea is simple, I want to recognize persons who have overcome adversity, or whom you recognize as good people and basically share that info in the hope that it resonates with people everywhere.

What is the criteria? Well, that's not so simple because that depends on you the person who is giving us the info, which prompts me to ask, why do you feel this way? The key word being "feel" ultimately the greatest expression of result isn't only the task being accomplished it's also the way it affected you, the way it made you "feel", and I would very much like you to express to the world why this person made you feel this way and what they did.

One of the first persons that I recognized as "Putting the HER in Hero" was my niece, it wasn't like she lifted an overturned car, or even saved a cat stuck in a tree, it was that she has overcome the adversity of losing virtually both of her parents, one through incarceration and the other through distance and time away, and yet inspite of all that she may be feeling inside as turmoil she has managed to tow her educational rope and to score a 22 on her ACT effectively getting herself into the college of her choice and all it cost her was the currency of focus which perhaps comes from being so far at the bottom that literally there's no place to go but up! Now, I say this from observation borne from well, watching and listening, and did I get the premise of how she actually feels right or wrong, perhaps, but to do this would miss the intent, because its my perception of the facts as I have been made aware and witnessed to a degree which prompts me to write what I discern as feeling. 

Some may say big deal, this is what every well off, well-intended person, is supposed to do, if they want to succeed, and if so, then this story should be repeated tirelessly. The world should be filled with all the little trains that could and actually did and because everyone succeeds then there would be no need to indeed, recognize anyone for what is considered a normal course of action. In this case, I relent! However, if you do see the relevance and feel the need, to inspire the least and the greatest amongst us, then please do! Send us that story and that photo in comic bookish fashion telling us their story of intrigue and perseverance.

I then would like to up the ante on this campaign and going one step further and this is to recognize a HERO OF HERO'S  each month and giving them a piece of potential from CEJ BAGS as the HERO  of a style chosen from among of  our many styles customized for them and then given to "HER" or "HIM for their own passive income potential by promoting their values through the bag that they dreamed and that we brought to life as a product that represents them. Each of their branded CEJ BAGS with their specific style that they sell, will earn them a percentage of revenue, and the opportunity to be a part of our team if they sell 500 units.

The demographic that we initially targeted was Seniors graduating high school, who are on their way to college and who may be influencers, that can not only create a fantastic individual style but be fantastic as marketing and sells in their own way. We would tell them how to market, as long as it fosters the ideology of inclusiveness, and cultural diversity in a not threating or negative way! We want to change the world and its simple, if you're a HERO it helps!